Free (for WSBA members) Webinar: Legal Responses to Hate Crimes in the Pacific NW

26 Mar 2020 2:09 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

Webinar - March 31, 2020

Please join the WSBA for March’s installment of the Legal Lunchbox™ Series where civil rights practitioners will discuss legal strategies and responses to hate crimes in the Pacific Northwest. Faculty will provide a historic context and highlight current legal strategies to combat the surge of hate crimes and white nationalist activity in our region. 

Aneelah Afzali - American Muslim Empowerment Network (A program of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound), Redmond
Alec Stephens - WSBA Board of Governors (At Large); WSBA Diversity Committee, Seattle
Bre Weider - Washington State Office of the Attorney General, Seattle

11:30 a.m. Webinar Login Opens
12:00 p.m. Webinar Begins
  1:35 p.m. Adjourn

Register at:  This Link


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