Donate to a Commissioned Portrait of Justice Mary I. Yu

2 Mar 2020 5:00 PM | Serin Ngai

Assist in the efforts to fundraise for the purchase of a commissioned portrait of Justice Mary I. Yu, which will be placed in the Washington Supreme Court Temple of Justice, with a replica print to be displayed in the Seattle University School of Law. SU Law is also seeking to establish a student scholarship in Justice Yu’s name at Seattle U Law. Washington Supreme Court Justices Steven Gonzalez and Charles Johnson, Professor Bob Chang, the Hon. Donald Horowitz (ret.), and Kellye Testy have all lent their names in support of this effort.  

In 2014, Justice Mary I. Yu became the first Asian American, the first Latina, the first woman of color, and the first member of the LGBTQ+ community to serve as a justice on the Washington Supreme Court. In recognition of this singular accomplishment, a portrait by the artist Alfredo Arreguin was recently commissioned by Justice Gonzalez for the Temple of Justice.

In carrying out this project to fund the portrait and a student scholarship, we, of course, seek to honor Justice Yu, but more than that, we desire to honor and acknowledge all that she represents to individuals who never dreamed that someone like them could become a state supreme justice.

With the support of the leadership group referenced above, Dean Clark is raising funds to pay for Justice Yu’s portrait, as well as for a replica print that will be installed at the Seattle University School of Law, where Justice Yu has served for many years as a Distinguished Jurist-in-Residence. The initial goal is to raise $20,000 for the portrait, print, and a reception at the Temple of Justice. Once this goal is met, we will apply gifts to establish the Justice Mary I. Yu Endowed Scholarship Fund at Seattle University School of Law (minimum of $50,000), which will assist women of color to pursue their legal education. The law school will select the student scholarship recipient(s) once the fund is established.

Gifts can be made through the Seattle U Law website:  Donors should make sure to click on the “Other” designation in the drop-down box and add a Comment on the web form noting that the contribution is for the “Law School Art Fund—Justice Yu Portrait.” In the alternative, donors can send a check to Dean Annette Clark’s attention at Seattle University School of Law, again with the notation that the gift is for the portrait of Justice Yu. In order to avoid any appearance of undue influence, we do ask that sitting judges in lower courts and any trial or appellate lawyers who could have a case go up on appeal to the Washington Supreme Court designate on either the web form or check that their gift is to go to the Seattle U Law scholarship fund in Justice Yu’s name rather than toward the purchase of the portrait.

Thank you for considering joining in honoring Justice Yu and all that she represents, as together we work toward achieving a justice system that reflects and mirrors the beautiful diversity of our citizenry.


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