• 28 Apr 2020 5:14 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    A criminal record can derail a person’s life, creating a barrier to employment and housing. The New Hope Act greatly expanded the number of people eligible to remove criminal convictions from their records. This CLE webinar will teach you everything you need to know about volunteering with the Records Project and vacating convictions.

    Join FLOW and speaker Jacob Kuykendall, Senior Staff Attorney for the KCBA, for a webinar hosted by Stoel Rives to learn about this opportunity to engage in meaningful and impactful volunteer work that can change someone’s life.


    Wednesday, April 29, 2020
    Noon to 1:30 p.m. PDT




    Complimentary for clients, members of FLOW, and friends.


    Contact John Laney at john.laney@stoel.com.



  • 22 Apr 2020 1:19 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    A Step-by-Step Guide to the Paycheck Protection Program

    Co-hosted by Jeff Liang of Ling and Liang PLLC and the Asian Bar Association of Washington

    Who: All businesses, nonprofits, and self-employed individuals should consider applying for the Paycheck Protection Program.

    What: Learn how to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program.

    Why: The PPP is a forgivable loan used to cover your qualifying business and operating expenses.

    Register for a one of the webinars below:

    Thursday April 23rd: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (register here)

    Saturday April 25th: 10:00 am to 11:30 am (register here)

    Sunday April 26th: 10:00 am to 11:30 am (register here)

  • 19 Apr 2020 3:50 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    These are trying times for many of us, but are especially difficult for law students and new graduates looking for summer legal internships/externships/general legal experiences, as well as job opportunities.  Some of the internships and job offers have been rescinded or are otherwise no longer running this summer.  These individuals are eager to help and would love any opportunity to gain legal experience. If your organization has opportunities for these law students/young lawyers to gain legal experience, please send ABAW a quick description, and the best way for these individuals to contact you or your organization.  Opportunities can include full or part-time positions, or even project work – our goal is to help these students/new attorneys gain legal experience.  Please email mentorship@abaw.org.  

  • 19 Apr 2020 3:10 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    Asian Americans Advancing Justice and Hollaback! present Bystander Intervention Trainings online.  There is a spike in Asian American harassment since the spread of the Coronavirus.  Learn how to create safe public spaces and support others who confront harassment.

    Sign up for a training in April or May 2020!

    • Tuesday, April 21st at 3:00pm ET / 2:00pm CT / 1:00pm MT / 12:00pm PT / 9:00am HST. Register here.17
    • Thursday, April 23rd at 7:00pm ET / 6:00pm CT / 5:00pm MT / 4:00pm PT / 1:00pm HST. Register here.18
    • Monday, April 27th at 7:00pm ET / 6:00pm CT / 5:00pm MT / 4:00pm PT / 1:00pm HST. Register here.19
    • Saturday, May 2nd at 2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT / 12:00pm MT / 11:00am PT / 8:00am HST. Register here.20
    • Thursday, May 7th at 7:00pm ET / 6:00pm CT / 5:00pm MT / 4:00pm PT / 1:00pm HST. Register here.21
    • Wednesday, May 13th at 2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT / 12:00pm MT / 11:00am PT / 8:00am HST. Register here.22
    • Thursday, May 21st at 7:00pm ET / 6:00pm CT / 5:00pm MT / 4:00pm PT / 1:00pm HST. Register here.23
    • Saturday, May 30th at 2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT / 12:00pm MT / 11:00am PT / 8:00am HST. Register here.

  • 19 Apr 2020 2:54 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    We at the Washington Immigrant Defense Network (WIDEN) have been inspired by the number of attorneys who consistently reach out to our non-profit organization asking how they may put their attorney skill set to use to protect the due process of detained immigrants.  As you know, the COVID crisis has not slowed down immigrant detentions, and we expect a surge in the future due to various changes in immigration policies such as the Public Charge rules. The Supreme Court is also expected to rule on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals by June of this year, which could overturn protection for those known as Dreamers.  We had planned an in-person training day to train Washington State, non-immigration attorneys in removal defense. With the COVID-19 crisis, we have now transitioned this training to take place entirely online. We hope that you can join us.

    WIDEN Immigrant Removal Defense for Non-Immigration Attorneys - Online CLE 

    Please join us for the two live Zoom sessions and five one-hour training sessions that you can complete at your own pace. 

    Date: May 11, 2020, 12:00pm-1:00pm - Live Introductory Session

    Date: May 18, 12:00pm – 1:00pm Live Summary and Q&A session 

    Register at: Eventbrite.com/e/97601144651

    Cost: $55. Fee waiver available

    CLE credits are pending. WIDEN is a WSBA Qualified Legal Services Provider.  

    See WIDENMBACLE-flyer.pdf

  • 12 Apr 2020 2:43 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    ABAW Denounces the Use of Racial Language to Describe the Coronavirus & Racist Attacks on Asian Americans

    The ABAW finds the use of racial terms to describe the Coronavirus/COVID-19, such as the “Chinese virus,” or the “Wuhan virus,” to be unacceptable, inaccurate, and racist.  The virus does not discriminate, and racializing a disease results in promoting xenophobic sentiment and discrimination. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) both recognize the harm and inaccuracy in racializing the virus and naming new diseases after people or places; the damage of using such terms has a direct impact on ethnic and minority groups.  Such discriminatory language promotes and provokes anti-Asian sentiment, xenophobia, and anti-Asian attacks, which have been occurring in Washington state and throughout the country.  All Americans should be united during this unprecedented time to combat the Coronavirus and should be mindful and aware of how we are describing the virus for the health and safety of all.

    Please visit the Center for Disease Control to further educate yourself and others on the pandemic and how to reference it. 

    To report incidents of hate due to the Coronavirus pandemic, please visit the following links:


    Stand Against Hatred

    Public Integrity

  • 7 Apr 2020 12:43 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    The Center for Public Integrity, a non-profit investigative newsroom in Washington, D.C., is investigating instances of hate related to the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

    "The answers we get will help us delve deeper into how hate is affecting Asian American communities and identify solutions that will lead to more robust reporting. We won’t publish any submitted information or share it outside of our newsroom without explicit consent. I'd be happy to answer questions, and so would our audience engagement editor, Kristine Villanueva (kvillanueva@publicintegrity.org)."

    To participate:  https://publicintegrity.org/health/coronavirus-and-inequality/help-us-investigate-covid-19-related-hate-incidents/. 

  • 31 Mar 2020 5:11 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    Friday, April 3rd

    9 AM - 10 AM sharp
    Zoom Meeting ID: 557 137 713
    Click the link to join online: https://wsu.zoom.us/j/557137713
    Or join by phone:  +1 669 900 9128, 557137713#

    The statewide stakeholder conference call is an opportunity for community members, leaders, and service providers to hear from state departments on support services and opportunities offered in response to COVID-19. Updates include presentations from the following departments: 
    • Department of Health: testing updates, insurance options, COVID-19 resources, how to help
    • Department of Commerce: support for small businesses, non-profits, agriculture, loans, grants
    • Employment Security Division: recent changes, eligibility, resources, unemployment support
    • Department of Social and Health Services: cash assistance, food assistance, and Paid Family and Medical Leave
    • Office of the Attorney General: hate crimes targeting APA’s  
    This meeting is free and open to the public to attend. No RSVP is required. For the latest updates, see the Facebook event.
    This is a public informational event, with limited opportunity for Q&A. Specific questions may also be posed ahead of or following the meeting by e-mailingcapaa@capaa.wa.gov, and staff will direct your inquiry accordingly.
    For more information, please contact CAPAA Project Manager Rosa Mai by e-mail at rosa.mai@capaa.wa.gov or by phone at 206-370-9554.
  • 31 Mar 2020 5:02 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    • At-large member of the WSBA Board of Governors. The three-year term begins in late September 2020. 

    • WSBA president-elect for 2020–21, who will serve as president in 2021–22. The term begins in late September 2020.

    The application deadline for both positions is 5 p.m. on April 20, 2020. The Board of Governors will interview candidates and elect these positions at its May 14-15 meeting in Bellingham.

    Under WSBA’s Bylaws, the purpose of the at-large board position is to increase diversity and representation on the board, and the position is to be filled by a WSBA member who has “the experience and knowledge of the needs of those lawyers whose membership is or may be historically under-represented in governance, or who represents some of the diverse elements of the public of the State of Washington.” All active WSBA members are eligible, except for those who have previously served as a governor for more than 18 months. See the www.wsba.org/elections for more information and the application form.

    To learn more about serving on the board, all interested WSBA members are invited to participate in a conference call with current at-large board Governor Alec Stephens. These calls give you an opportunity to ask questions and hear about the rewards and challenges of board service. If you would like to join one of the following calls, please email barleaders@wsba.orgfor call-in instructions.

    • Monday, March 30, 5:00 p.m.

    • Tuesday, March 31, 8:00 a.m.

    The WSBA member selected for the president-elect position will have an opportunity to provide a significant contribution to the legal profession. Although prior experience on the WSBA Board of Governors may be helpful, there is no requirement that one must have been a member of the board or had previous experience in bar activities. The candidate must be willing to devote a substantial number of hours to WSBA affairs and be capable of being a positive representative for the legal profession. All active attorney members of WSBA are eligible. The position is unpaid. See www.wsba.org/elections for application instructions.

  • 26 Mar 2020 2:09 PM | Serin Ngai (Administrator)

    Webinar - March 31, 2020

    Please join the WSBA for March’s installment of the Legal Lunchbox™ Series where civil rights practitioners will discuss legal strategies and responses to hate crimes in the Pacific Northwest. Faculty will provide a historic context and highlight current legal strategies to combat the surge of hate crimes and white nationalist activity in our region. 

    Aneelah Afzali - American Muslim Empowerment Network (A program of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound), Redmond
    Alec Stephens - WSBA Board of Governors (At Large); WSBA Diversity Committee, Seattle
    Bre Weider - Washington State Office of the Attorney General, Seattle

    11:30 a.m. Webinar Login Opens
    12:00 p.m. Webinar Begins
      1:35 p.m. Adjourn

    Register at:  This Link

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